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Fundación Liedtke-Museum. Puerto de Andratx/Mallorca Spain

Dieter W. Liedtke was born on 6 July 1944 in Essen (Germany). He combines K philosophy, research and art in his works. In addition to his work as an artist, he is also an inventor, philosopher, researcher, entrepreneur and author. In Liedtke's view, we can only make the world more positive and ethical if art descends from its ivory tower and works of art are also shown in exhibitions in places of work or leisure that decode themselves through a simple formula and thus open themselves up to the transfer of creativity and innovation to the population.
In 1963, his first exhibition took place in a bakery in Vienna. Since then, he has exhibited his works in the EU and the USA. Among others, at the Larchemont in New York, the Kaiserhof Galerie in Essen, the Alsterhaus in Hamburg, Karstadt in Dortmund, the Sheraton Hotel in Essen, the Liedtke Museum in Virneburg, the Messe Essen as well as a special exhibition in Italy San Gemini and the Liedtke Museum in Mallorca.

Beim Malen

Liedtke has lived in Port d'Andratx on Mallorca since 1986. In July 1994, he opened the Liedtke Museum in the same town. Designed by Liedtke in the shape of a brain, the museum building (which also houses condominiums) houses 30 of his sculptures in the grounds around the building.


In his work as an artist and researcher, he opened an office in Essen in the 1960s for "inventions on order" and developed patents and products for everyday use, marketing, for example, the principle of video marketing used today worldwide at points of sale in department stores, shop windows, on means of transport and large video projections on building fronts as well as public viewing. He invented the "air-suspended shoe", the first map-film-based navigation system, the data wristwatch and, in 1998, the "Internet video channel" Creator (whose idea manifests itself today in Youtube and other video channels) and is the inventor of the "Hairmatic 2000", which was promoted by Franz Beckenbauer and through his video promotion in department stores, became a "cult product of the 1970s" (Du Mont Verlag Cologne) and sold millions of copies in numerous countries. Hairdressers believe that Liedtke was one of the founders of punk fashion with his hairdresser. In 1999, he founded the charitable foundation Fundación Liedtke on Mallorca/Spain with the aim of promoting creativity and health among the population as well as peace through the Globalpeace Campus project. Liedtke has also been a source of ideas for various projects, such as the Art Forum Berlin art fair and the Expo 2000 world exhibition in Hanover. In order to publicise sustainable energy concepts, in 2007 Liedtke invented a hybrid hydrogen-bulb engine that requires only a very small battery and has "very low production costs" and "low consumption" for the environment and the climate, and developed an energy wind tunnel for motorways and railway lines, (wind tunnel houses-corners-canyons and roof gables) which produces the driving wind and wind tunnels for electric energy generation (without further polluting nature with wind turbines and their power lines) as well as renewable energy in a decentralised way and can reduce the consumption of the vehicles by up to 7% through back wind generation of the rotary lamella wind generation, as well as the noise-air vortex barriers created along motorways and railway lines by the wind louvres, which trap the driving noise on the motorway between the louvres and thus largely protect local residents from excessive, illness-inducing noise pollution caused by the driving noise of traffic.
Today, his artworks, research and inventions deal with the "Gesamtkunstwerk Welt" (total artwork world) for which he has developed his own art movement under the name "Concrete Evolutionism". Dieter Liedtke was commissioned by Joseph Beuys to develop a graphic art formula that enables everyone from the age of eight to recognise art history and its works as a pictorial path of knowledge to promote their own neural network and to incorporate the creativity stored in the works into their cognitive abilities simply by seeing them. From 1994 onwards, he developed the concept of the art open art exhibition from this. On the basis of 1000 original works, from the Stone Age to the present day, he wants to make art as a cognitive process accessible to a larger population with the art open art exhibition. Liedtke won companies as sponsors for his project and at the same time convinced numerous museum directors as well as international art historians of the art formula. Among others, the formula was reviewed by art historians, scientists and philosophers such as Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann, Prof. Karl Ruhrberg, Prof. Dr. Friedmann Schrenk, Prof. Dr. Franz Müller Heuser, Prof. Dr. Manfred Schrey, Prof. Dr. Hellmuth Karasek and Prof. Niklas Luhmann and who, out of conviction as co-creators and pioneers of the Second Renaissance and Enlightenment, supported the art exhibition art open 1999 in Essen and the art formula. Numerous museum directors have examined Liedtke's formula for its art-historical correctness and found it revolutionary. In addition, they supported art open by lending valuable original works of art. Thus, up to 70 art historical works or key works of art history were loaned by some museums (among others: State Tretyakov Gallery Moskow, the State Russian Museum Saint Petersburg, the Polish National Gallery Krakow, the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, the Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt, the Von der Heydt Museum Wuppertal, the Kunstsammlungen zu Weimar of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar and the Museo of El Greco in Toledo). The art open opened on 10 July 1999 at the Messe Essen with 23000 square metres of exhibition space, was open day and night and the visit, including 56 concerts (classical, folk, rock, pop, techno) was free of charge. The art formula exhibition art open was closed after five days with dubious political justification. Ten years later, Liedtke's art open creativity promotion concept is wanted and approved by the European Union. The EU officially proclaims 2009 as the Year of Creativity and Innovation among the People. The aim of the European Year is to promote creativity and innovation as key competences for all and to recognise and use the role of culture in promoting creativity and innovation. Liedtke not only develops the art formula commissioned by Joseph Beuys for the democratisation of art, but at the same time, with the decoding of art, sees the dictatorships* and elective aristocracies on the time of today's democracies with a new creativity, education and freedom from fear in populations abolished in favour of an evolving Ethical Capitalism with Direct Democracy. *Rulerships that in part through Fake News and ignoring positive developments in our history over the last 200 years, as well as through latent and dosed fear propagation, reduce the genetically available creativity and deny the population access to a creativity key, such as the Liedtke-Hegel graphic art formula for creativity enhancement as well as ignoring neuronal and epigenetic research results that make an already developed art formula for creativity enhancement and a media code for fear reduction mandatory according to the constitutions or laws as well as the UN Charter of Human Rights in numerous countries for fear-free unrestricted access to health, freedom and personality development.
From 2004 onwards, Liedtke unconditionally focused his artworks in the "Gesamtkunstwerk Welt" on the goal of showing ways in which society can shape an ethical future. A travelling street museum with large artwork illustrations and the art formula on trucks driving all over Europe, continued the creativity promotion programme from 2005 onwards with further book publications about the art formula. With the help of the art formula as a basis, the inventor-artist and successor of "Leonardo da Vinci" (as media and art historians have called the outsider of the art market and art theorists for decades), explores the riddles of the Stone Age picture caves, of Göbekli Tepe, Stonehenge, the pyramids as well as the Nebra Sky Disk and the actual state of the world and proves that the ancient cultural monuments were health centres of information rituals and that the present state of the world's health is also due to false information and the fears generated as well as the creativity closed off to the population. To counteract this, Liedtke develops a media code which corresponds to the laws in most states and which can be sued for with the constitutions in every democratic country. He writes a constitution of religions that regulates peace between the religions in only 23 articles and shows with the study "The Five Social Taboos" where the social norms of the states violate their constitutions as well as the human rights of the UN. With a scientifically evident and physically and biologically verifiable formula: "i = E (information = energy)", he replaces the "God of the Fathers and Ancestors", which is based on ancient intuitive intuitions, revelations, social information, oral traditions and holy scriptures, with an eternal, infinite and species-preserving evolutionary networking structure of the "creative power of information: i = E" and thus puts an end to the religious dispute between the faiths: "Which of the religions has the only correct God". With the documented creative force of "information", he proves a possible evolutionary path to a scientifically founded knowledge community in which the religions continue to promote the beliefs and rituals of their ancestors but can no longer ignore the scientifically documented creative force. With the realisation and scientifically documented "eternal, infinite and species-preserving evolutionary networking structure of the creative power of information", arguments against another religion or atheists and the justification of a declaration of war against them, as a mission from God and faith, are not only more difficult, but on the contrary, the help and protection of non-believers and those of other faiths is an evolutionary mission of creation to preserve the species for those who know about creation, in which "i = E" releases the energy for global peace implementation. A radically new approach in his artworks is the promotion of peace between peoples and religions. Liedtke's particular interest here is in increasing creativity in populations. He believes and proves that creative societies are very difficult to suppress and exploit. His concepts aim to decode all art by means of an art formula and to achieve an increase in creativity in the population by adopting creativity from the works of artists in order to achieve a social, societal and economically justly distributed evolution for all people.

With a sick, fearful and misguided population, it is not possible to improve the world and realise a total artwork of the world without first helping the people. From his artworks (in which he worked from 1980 onwards with video and film material, which for him represented frozen DNA, gene sequences and gene programmes taken from time) he was able to read out and prove in the 1980s through his intuitions and creativity how the gene programmes switch off fear-generating external information passed on through the senses, damage the genes, the gene programmes are misguided and sink into the caos, and epigenetic gene help programmes are tied up, disturbed and bypassed. As a result, after consuming excessively negative information, media consumers' intelligence, immune system, health and lifespan are lowered by direct and subliminal latent fears, human rights are violated, democracy is damaged and governments' constitutions are violated.

Liedtke is developing his Gesamtkunstwerk Welt for the Internet to strengthen people's health and democracy from 2007 onwards health programmes based only on healing information with the formula: "i = E" as well as globally on every mobile phone in over 100 languages to strengthen immune power, health and rejuvenation for everyone free of charge.

For example:
- an APP to fight drug addiction to lift and the addiction to
Fear-inducing media information.
- an app for creativity enhancement and art recognition
- An app for reducing depression
- an app for epigenetic gene purification and strengthening the immune system
as well as for defence against harmful viruses and bacteria.
- a cell rejuvenation app.
- an app to strengthen IQ and creative intelligence
- an app for building direct democracy
Liedtke only laughs about a corporate comparison of his apps with Google, Facebook, Instagram and other social network companies, because with a growing world population, according to him, the purpose of the apps lies in the depth of health and the future of all people and thus in swarm intelligence and creativity for sustainable and ethical living with the fellow humanity and not in the financial profit of his apps.

The researcher Prof. Dr. Eric Kandel NY receives the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2000 for findings and studies that Liedtke recognised through his artwork, described and published in his books decades earlier. The effectiveness of the Liedtke App health programmes "i = E" has been confirmed by international researchers through independent studies as of 2014, (especially in 2022 the epigenetic gene effect of information and Apps) for health promotion and cell rejuvenation.

The liberation of the natural genetic programmes
In a "liberation action" Liedtke shows how easy it is and how much joy it is to promote one's health and rejuvenation with the right information using a simple app. He unravels and clarifies the liberation, recovery and cell rejuvenation process that creates the joy of life in a short art action in 2019 in the Liedtke Museum on Mallorca with the well-known Spanish Magic artists Jack, Oliver and Chris. The three artists symbolise the gene programmes that are bound by fear-producing information and represent their self-liberation through i = E pictorially for the first time in the action as an experience and for a Magic project planned together with Liedtke. Liedtke, who in 2021 developed the theatre idea and the fiction film "Information" from the liberation action, in which cells, DNA, genes, gene programmes are represented by people: Cells, DNA, genes, gene programmes, the epigenetic programmes as well as the human being with his environment and the information acting on him communicate with each other in order to react to this media information, which is important for the human being and the body for the preservation of the self and the species.

Liedtke consistently carries on the idea of the freedom of natural gene programmes for global peace development. An architecturally realised Globalpeace Campus designed by him includes a clinic for cell rejuvenation, a spirit hall for all faith communities, a university for innovations with an attached innovation centre as well as a museum of "Innovations and Evolution in Art" in which works from the Stone Age to the present day are exhibited in the New Renaissance Exhibition: i = E = MC2 and whose exhibits are decoded to enlighten "that art is innovation" with the art formula as well as with the musical piece he developed in 1997, "Mar", which is performed during the exhibition and in which a time travel of music history with the art formula and its innovations (classical, rock-pop, techno, arias and slam poetry) are summarised. It is Liedtke's mission to the management of his museum that the "New Renaissance Exhibition: i = E = MC2“ as a travelling exhibition as well as with an art formula app in more than 100 languages will promote the swarm creativity and education of a people to increase health, creativity, economy by developing sustainable innovations and ethical concepts.

Liedtke, who has not offered his works on the art market until today, decides at the age of 78 to sell the original works and their NFTs as well as Artinvest Garantie Coins, which are linked to the price index of the artworks, for the first time via selected galleries and art dealers as an art work guarantee capital investment so that the high increases in value for genuine artworks contribute to the broad and better diversified accumulation of wealth among the population. He donates the proceeds from his works, NFTs and coins to the realisation of the "Gesamtkunstwerk Welt" and the construction of the first "Globalpeace Campus".

In the series of artworks "Reduction of the World to a Formula" with 10 formula works in purple, blue and yellow, simplified to the smallest detail, he shows in 2020 in 30 works how the universe, life and social development can proceed and where we should correct and intervene with information in order to bring an ethical world and the total work of art on its way. With the Einstein formula: E = MC2 , to which he adds a small i as a symbol for information, he introduces the power of creation into physics and thus forms a symbiosis between Einstein and Heisenberg. He shows that energy is created through information, develops a "conservation law of information" as well as a "general information theory" and, with the formula i = E, documents for the first time in art history the world formula sought by tens of thousands of philosophers and natural scientists in works of art as well as a concept that brings forth solutions for a new and better world for man and the world through art. The latest scientific research results and Nobel prizes for scientists who independently came to the same research results are proof of Liedtke's works and artwork statements from 1963 onwards with which he was able to extract the 10 little formula from his previous works and which document a revolutionary new picture of the causal connection of information for the formation of matter and the universe. For Liedtke, the universe is an eternally living, conscious, universally ethical and species-preserving evolutionary informational organism. Some of his formulas from the works of art or their sub-areas have already been confirmed by quantum mechanics, relativity theory as well as in evolutionary biology, epigenetic research and sociology or summarise the latest research results for the first time in one of the revolutionary formulas. Which makes the art-historical significance of his works incomparable and the prices for his works as well as the key works of art of the thinking of a new world view the most valuable and expensive works of art in the world and already in his lifetime works of inestimable value. Whether his 10 decoding formulas found in art will all be fully confirmed by scientific research remains to be seen. One thing is certain: with every further scientific confirmation or every Nobel Prize that documents the intuitions he had previously manifested and described in his works of art as correct, the development of the value and price of his works, with the accompanying global publicity, will further extend his unrivalled lead over other works of art. Beyond the development of the value of his works, the 10 art formulas prove a level of creativity and innovation hitherto unknown in science, philosophy and art history, which he boldly reduces to three signs for the universe, with its biological, sociological and cultural contents: i = E.