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Art formula and evolution 2020

Dieter W. Liedtke
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(Released for publication with pictures and graphics free of charge)

Introduction: Part I

What is art and does it have a meaning?

Are works of art of only the king new clothes, image and marketing or is there something behind the clothes that should be hidden from the population? If everything is declared to be art, the contents become blurred and the clothes continue to take shape through the spiritual fog.

Nobody has yet come to the conclusion that the attitude with which the fogging and withdrawal of senses that is being practiced for modern art is an alarm signal that shows that there must be more behind art, especially since dictators and their state propaganda departments with statements similar to those of today's art protagonists only increase the malice and discrediting of modern art, up to the exclusion and punishment of artists who influence populations. Is art only speculation and money-making? But then the question of the meaning of art remains open, why this tabooing by the state and art historians? What is wrong with this? It makes no sense to carry out such a high level of propaganda by art historians and art magazines, or by the state and even in schools, if there is nothing to discover behind art.

Is an egoistic class consciousness nourished with conceit and exclusion through the sensory deprivation of art, or is only the true greatness of the human mind, the art viewer, obscured. Should the educated bourgeoisie, now that religions are less and less able to fulfil the task of subjecting their followers to God's word and church dogmas through the results of scientific research, be educated to disoriented, helpless believers of the state with the help of art? Can art historians become the new priests, in whom the Word must be believed unconditionally, otherwise the apostate and those who are not adapted and not subjected in his spirit will be excluded from the community of art and educated citizens. 1.)

Is this all just theory?

Or does art have a secret, scientifically and empirically comprehensible sense for the development of our society or is only the school system (introduced at the beginning of the industrial age) outdated. Perhaps even both are true?

If the existence of an art formula can be proven, everything speaks for the fact that we are epigenetically manipulated.

With the search for an art formula, I wanted to pursue these questions also on the basis of new neurobiological research results.

My search for a formula for all the arts was rewarded in 1979, but it was not until 1988 that I finally implemented the art formula as a graphic symbol for human creations, (which corresponded to the 1984 invitation addressed to me by Joseph Beuys to explain all human creations, i.e. art across all epochs, to every human being in a simple, vivid and easily comprehensible way). In the book "Der Schlüssel zur Kunst - Kunsträtsel gelöst" (The Key to Art - Art Puzzle Solved) I presented the art formula for subjective and objective art to the public in Germany in 1990.

Life + expansion of consciousness=art

Objective art is everything that brings about new objective knowledge in art history, which can be empirically proven by every observer of art history with the new work through the work as a newly conceived, as recognized or as yet unrecognized innovation in form and content, in art history, as well as by art history through the innovations in the work in the documentation of the evolution of art as a means of conveying knowledge. This process of reviewing the innovations and the new neuronal networks takes place through the art formula not only in the brain of the subjective observer, and is thus also of subjective effect, but is objectively documented by means of the innovations in art history in a scientific way, since the works of art present the cognitive process of the innovations in their history outside the brain of the observer, publicly in the museums. The works in the museums thus document the objective art process of the evolution of art history. Accordingly, anything that can add innovations in form and content to art history can be objective art. Through the transmission of recognized creativity, millions of new neurobiological networks in the brain of the person who understands art, his consciousness or IQ is simultaneously developed. If this process is transferred to the population with the art formula, we obtain humanistic and economically prosperous, democratic societies.

Ojective art = innovations in art history / change in art history / A change in the consciousness of the viewer is possible through objective art, but it can subjectively trigger different changes and insights in each viewer.

Subjective art is what is declared as art by art experts (without being objective art) or is perceived as art by the viewer, and subjective experiences independent of art history for the consciousness of the individual, which through the perceived or through the work triggers new thoughts in the consciousness of the viewer and through the mirror neurons enables reinforcing or new neurobiological brain networks.

Subjective art = decoration, non-art, copy = no art-historical innovation / A change in the consciousness of the viewer is also possible through subjective art. So it depends on the state of evolution (which innovations of artworks the viewer knows) of the insights and images of the viewer's consciousness whether an innovation in a Subjective Art work is recognized by him as new information. It is a biological evolutionary process: only new findings change the neuronal network of the observer.

Subjective art and objective art can trigger different thought processes and neural networks in each viewer individually. However, in Subjective Art, in contrast to Objective Art, this artwork process can only be determined subjectively, primarily by the viewer himself or through new imaging procedures of the brain of the recognizing viewer or through IQ testing of the viewer.

In Objective Art, on the other hand, the information of the innovation in the work of art through the work itself and art history is publicly and scientifically empirically available and comprehensible to all people in museums. To this end, the key to understanding the arts (an ABC theory of the arts and a graphic formula of the arts that can be easily understood by all people) and the information that understanding the arts is not breadless and luxury but immediately produces neuronal improvements in creativity, intelligence and health as well as a developing prosperity were missing.

The law of art is:

"The dissolution of the boundaries of the arts and art history or consciousness through art. "“


The law of art and the development of societies

"The public application of the law of art brings about the abolition of the limits of creativity, intelligence and health, as well as a prosperous prosperity in societies".


"The higher level of art becomes clear in every work of art through Hegel's dialectic of thesis, antithesis and synthesis applied to art, and thus itself as a visible process in the picture represents a work of art.

To date, the formula has not been published in Germany or introduced into school teaching.
Blocking the creativity of the population by not introducing the art formula and allowing the IQ to be reduced by fear spreading information 2) hinders democracy, evolution, intellectual development and the prosperity of a people. The politicians act consciously or unconsciously by omission of the assistance as well as aiding and abetting not only against the Basic Law or the constitution of their country, but also against the "rule according to higher law", which is ultimately above the legislator and led to the conviction of the Nazi criminals in Nuremberg.

Politicians and individual media could today be held accountable for the published research results in neurobiology and epigenetics for covert and active aiding and abetting of slavery, exploitation, deprivation of liberty and brain injury and violation of the "rule of higher law",

a. if media information, which makes people ill through fear generation and shreds their IQ, is distributed without warning labelling (labelling and warning as with tobacco products)

b. if the repair of the neuronal network by art recognition and a restoration of health, creativity and increase of IQ of people is prevented by the art formula.

The connection that emerges:

IQ reduction through negative information
plus shutting down gene repair and creativity transfer through the art formula creates societies with locked-in creativity in constant fear.

Politicians and media are amazed,
that populism and racism, religions and the dissociation from other people are also gaining ground in other countries, such as France and the USA, as IQ drops.

The time headlines on 28 March 2019 and wonders:

"We used to be smarter. For decades, the IQ in the industrial nations rose in Germany as well. For some years now it has been falling. WHY"

The reverse Flynn effect occurred. James Flynn discovered in the 20th century that the IQ in the industrialized world is rising yearly. Apparently, Germany is the way to recognize the art formula, epigenetically blocked. As the listed IQ editorial by Nataly Beuel, Nike Heinen and Tanja Stelzer in the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" clearly shows once again. Despite all the research results from epigenetics, there is still no reporting on the art formula and its positive effects in Germany. In Spain, the formula has been reported in detail - at least regionally - already in 1992 and its principle was explained in 52 weekly articles in a newspaper under the title "Kunsträtsel gelöst" (Art Puzzle Solved).

First of all I had to understand why - without a conspiracy theory and without conspiracies - we are facing a dark wall in our intellectual development, not only in Germany but also in other countries. As early as 1910, in his book "The Spiritual in Art", Kandinsky called this ethical evolutionary barrier against prosperity and against a positive development for all people "the Black Hand".

Society, the media and politicians are in principle innocent of this, as it can be assumed that their actions are not clear to them and are therefore not consciously controlled by them. There are also no agreements or tacit agreements in the interest of any secret groups to hinder the mental development of the population in order to better exploit them or to keep them from thinking that they are mentally misinformed so that they can be manipulated and used in almost any direction as a voting mass with the help of the media. Parliamentary democracy has been the most important step on the way to a better world with a direct democracy until the development of the Internet today. An attempt of the parliamentarians or the parties (as in dictatorial systems) to block the IQ of the population by fears and an access to the new innovative works of art by false information so that they want to maintain their legitimacy of rule for 1000 years and prevent a direct democracy is not recognizable. However, it is not possible to explain why the knowledge of what art is and the 100 000s of art and copyright processes around the world in all the arts, which is empirically proven for all works of art both legally and art historically, is not conveyed.

How do the participants of the established art market react to the publication of the art formula?
The art critic Kenny Schächter explains in the Arte Film (from 2017 directed by Grit Lederer) about the international art dealer with 14 galleries; Larry Gagosian. This is Kenny Schächter's quote from the film:
"In the art world, it's still like the mafia when they pronounce omerta
" the duty of confidentiality" as in the Mafia, there are rules that nobody talks about. The art world turns over $60 billion a year. Probably the biggest business with the least information about how the mechanisms work. Larry Gagosian the art dealer in the movie: "If people don't understand that they're not part of this world." (Omerta is the mafia's code of honor. Proverb of the mafia: "He who is deaf, blind and dumb, lives a hundred years in peace") The reaction of the protagonists of the art market has escaped the fact that they are not only violating human rights and laws and contradicting the educational mission of museums, but also that they are thinking too short-sightedly and acting against their own profit expectations, as can be seen from the comparison with the growing book market through the Internet. The initiated art dealers see the art market as their own sealed-off monopoly business area and believe that the profits to be made from it must be protected by secrecy from an easy to understand art formula. This is selfish and hinders the development of creativity in the population. In addition, it is counterproductive and wrong to develop the art market because with a global opening of the art market to the population through the art formula, the market for works of art, artists and creative products will increase a hundredfold due to a higher demand and the prices for objective works of art (innovative real work of art history) and subjective works of art (decoration) will continue to rise. The markets will be divided into Objective and Subjective Art but both will grow faster. In order to open the way to art for museums, art lovers and the general public, the Fundacion Liedtke has developed an art certificate called "Artinvest" which clarifies whether the work is a real work of art (Objective Art) or a decoration (Subjective Art) based on the innovations in the work. (see also: www.freebocks.gratis)

But one has to dig deeper beyond the art market in behavioural research,
if you want to know why we are conditioned to a blocked access to our genetic creativity. It turns out that already in the school system creativity is not or wrongly represented. Art is celebrated as an idea of genius and not documented and trained as a learnable innovation process. An art formula that opens up easy access to the selective perception of innovations even for children (children are born geniuses with an already advanced fine brain networking) is not only denied to children, but to the population as a whole.

The genius in the child is mutilated or killed with the information system of the 18th century. How many brain resources and sustainable innovations does society lose on this path?

It is evident that even in the art academies the process of creation is not taught via an art formula, but rather the techniques of the past are in the foreground. Under these conditions, it is very difficult for students to break out to create art, to be creative.

Engineer of innovation?
At universities and colleges, innovation technology is not taught on the basis of the formula. The student cannot obtain an engineering diploma or a Dr. of Innovation.

But just as in the 15th to 18th centuries, with the printing of books, the population taught itself to read and write, a total view of creation and innovations and their evolutionary continuation will be learned by the youth on the Internet with the selective view of the formula in self-study. The spreading hyperactivity - as a way out of the old values of society, which are in a state of upheaval - will come to their aid.

What is the sense of the old teaching technique.
Misinformed political decision-makers trained in the same system do the state and the people a disservice by administering the
Continue the contents of your lessons (which started with the industrial age - thank God - and trained workers for the machines, but for today's time due to the lack of future concepts, because you were not trained in the application of the creativity formula itself). The old school concepts will not suffice for the dawning new age to provide all people with prosperity, health and to realize a democracy that guarantees human dignity.

Will there be more social unrest in the medium term?
What are people supposed to do in the future whose creativity has been suppressed by the state and its school system, and machines, computers, and self-developing programs that take over permanently repetitive tasks?

We have only one option if we do not want to sink into revolutions, wars of distribution and divisions of societies with backward or right-wing ideals:
⦁ open up creativity with the art formula in schools and the population,
⦁ Fear-generating, negative media mark information (such as tobacco products),
⦁ ensure a basic supply of wealth for all people.

Research results show: The genetic and cognitive abilities are invested in every human being to revive his genius in the genes. The average IQ in populations will rise again.

The effect of the revival of the ingenious abilities of the human being becomes apparent within three to six months.

Politicians still believe (despite experience with the Internet and social media to the contrary) that too much creativity in the population plunges the state (or politicians) into chaos.

That's not true. The opposite is true.
States and companies are prospering with a future power that was unknown until now, as we can see for example from the Internet companies. This can frighten those thinking in the old school system and lead to closures. The new thinking person enjoys it and opens the future for him. With a basic income, the person will only take on those jobs that he or she considers to be a source of pleasure or meaning. In Germany today, 5 million people already work on a voluntary basis. The weekly working hours of people are becoming shorter, as we can see from the figures of the last 100 years. The state will have to get rid of the fact that companies are the working time controllers and the "tax collectors" for workers and employees. New models of work will be developed that record the inclination, the endowment with meaning, working time, training, the current mental and physical state, the ability to take responsibility via the released metadata, and the privilege of working for the common good, in which the employee can regulate and allocate working time according to his or her own feeling. Here, too, online companies can already draw on experience. Work becomes hobby and reward. First approaches to this are the NWoW - New World of Work or New Way of Working.

The art formula is introduced in school lessons. The Constitution or the Basic Law guarantees creative protection and includes the right to be trained with the art formula as well as the right to be trained with the negative brain damaging IQ reducing media information, films, photos and games must be marked and may not be mixed with normal information as an article in the Constitution or the Basic Law.

The new popular sport means inventing, making art and developing new better sustainable and ethical concepts for today and tomorrow. To be creative, to become creator and to lead a meaningful life, as well as to materialize positive ideas and bring them into the world.

Dieter Liedtke

1) As in the Middle Ages: The Church had claimed the sovereignty of interpretation and the exclusive right to represent creation. The believer had to believe. Nothing more. He had to subject his spirit to the dogmas of the Church. If the self-thinking or free-thinking person did not submit, he was excluded from religion as a heretic or burned or otherwise executed. The history of the Church also shows that the highest representatives of the faith have distanced themselves from creation through dogmas and the interpretations of the faith at the time of the Inquisition, have contradicted the nature of creation and dissolved creation with the interpretative sovereignty they claimed. The spiritual and health development of the population in the Middle Ages stopped or declined. This could only end with the long process of enlightenment and revolutions, as the population taught itself to read and write from the beginning of the printing press until the end of the 18th century.

Today, the non-believer in art, who has heard the words of art historians: "That there is no easy way and no art formula to understand art for the population, but only the belief in the definitions of a certain work of the art historian art produces" is doubted and this expresses itself exposed to a kind of bullying or ignorance process. But this also proves the art historians' claim to sole representation and sole interpretive sovereignty for human creations and will lead, not least through arbitrariness, to limitations (instead of freedom for the essence of creation) in the production of works of art by artists, the evolution of art history as well as the development of IQ and the innovative power in the population.

It is not disputed by art historians that art is creation. But one has to distinguish between objective art that contains information that is new in the art history of the visual arts and represents an evolution in art history and works that do not contain any innovation but only evoke or trigger a new individual information as a subjective work of art in the eyes of different viewers worldwide. No work of art history, no objective work of art is created by a subjective interpretation of the art historian or the art observer of a Subjective Work of Art of the Visual Arts if the work itself does not contain any innovations in the visual arts. Subjective + Subjective = Subjective Work of the Visual Arts. On the other hand, a subjective interpretation of a work of visual art that does not show any innovation in art history itself can be an Objective Work of Art in literature through its interpretive text innovations.

While the interpretation of works of art makes it possible to establish an art form in literature, it cannot identify subjective art, copies, plagiarism, and decoration of the visual arts as objective works of art, because the works lack the necessary two innovations for objective works of art of form and content, which are intertwined and mutually justify each other.
The dividing line that creates clarity in the visual arts is to be seen between objective art and subjective art, and between the visual arts and the literature of "interpretive art" as a possible independent art movement. Art historians should know these dividing lines through their studies, otherwise they would not have paid attention in class. For those art historians who are aware of the dividing lines in art and do not take them into account in their interpretations and do not publish them in their evaluations of works of art, this is fraud through misinformation and in the overall context of genetics, epigenetics, health, democracy and freedom as well as in relation to social development; ASOCIAL as well as aiding and abetting slavery and exploitation of the population and violates the German Basic Law, the constitutions and penal laws of most states as well as the Human Rights Charter of the UN.

This should not be misunderstood. All the arts, art movements and art interpretations are necessary and important in order to draw society away from its various levels of education and creativity, from its platforms of awareness of its age, culture and previous education, and to unleash and stimulate innovation or creativity in the population with the art formula for creations that spans all platforms. This will not succeed, however, if the boundaries of innovation, creativity and creations in the arts become blurred, since the genetically existing, selective perception for innovations cannot grasp or comprehend them, and thus the mirror neurons in the brain cannot fulfil their task of preserving the species and evolution of mankind by taking over understood innovations to become more creative themselves. The fog of arbitrariness, which contradicts the inner core and the principle of creations, dissolves through the understanding and application of creative power in the consciousness of the art observer through the blurring of art boundaries mixed with false information. According to Joseph Beuys, we need a clearly defined art formula for our further evolution of society (Social Sculpture), which makes the creation in the work visible to every human being in the simplest way possible. Since the state, the school systems and the classical media have not yet published the art formula, further enlightenment can be achieved through the art exhibition with the formula i = E = MC2 and presented in the new media.

Just as people had to teach themselves to read and write without state help for more than three centuries after the printing of books, the populations of the countries will liberate the neuronal transfer of creativity through the art formula with the help of the new media. This will not be another process of more than 300 years but can happen in every country with the exhibition in the museums or with the help of the new media with the art formula in 3 months.

With the transfer of creativity and creation to the population, aggression, depression, illness, poverty, war, terrorism, fascism, racism, exploitation, exclusion and crime are further dissolved. Holistic education, humanism, health, prosperity and freedom in the population is growing measurably in a few years and gives democracy the decisive renewing power for an ethical holistic future for man and nature.

2) Mutations in the nerve cells are caused by information that permanently causes fear for the future - the IQ of the recipients is temporarily reduced strongly, latently however permanently in small steps despite the Flynn effect. See also the scientific research studies on the Internet on: anxiety, depression, chronic suffering, aggression, suicide, IQ lowering, terrorism, wars and genocides.

In 2020, the Fundacion Liedtke starts an independent scientific long-term study, which brings together the conglomerate of causes and their effects as well as the interaction of the different fears and the blockages of creativity on humans from numerous scientific empirical studies. The content and aim of this study is a country catalogue, which records and classifies the anxiety states and creativity blockages in the population and puts them in relation to the human rights granted in the country, the average IQ of the population, suicide cases, crime, racial and xenophobia, populism, freedom of the media, the results of the Pisa studies in relation to the democracy and politics of the country and evaluates them in order to gain new insights and solutions on how we can make the world more ethical and live better in it for all people.


Art puzzle solved

art formula
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The formula of Leonardo da Vinci of today is the revolution in art history. Liedtke wants to use the picture, the pictures, to make spurts of creativity directly visible and comprehensible. His art open art formula, (Código Universo) Life + Expansion of Consciousness = Art is in a way the condensate of his research, which he has explained in various publications: The Consciousness of Matter (1982), the Fourth Dimension (1987), the Key to Art (1990)...

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