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The 2nd Reconnaissance 2019

Dieter W. Liedtke
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(Released for publication with the pictures and graphics free of charge. )

What makes the ethical development of societies so difficult despite the Enlightenment??

Do historical taboos of thought hinder our development?

If we take a closer look and consider the new neuronal and epigenetic research results, it becomes clear that we have been shaped by our history with 5 "secret taboos of thought" as a basis of thought over thousands of years, neuronally and epigenetically, which are constantly being adapted today by media information, in combination with selective perception geared to epigenetic predetermination, so that this has led to the development of exclusion and, more recently, the new National Socialism. However, this is not only true for Germany, but applies without restriction to all groups, societies and countries.

These taboos of thought are coded so fundamentally and in such a way that we cannot even recognize them as prohibitions or taboos. At best, we recognize them as religious commandments, tradition, political opinions or standard phrases, but not as old epigenetic imprints that have survived to this day and are constantly renewed and changed by rituals, tradition and information.

It is essential for the ethical development of man to initiate a 2nd enlightenment and to break the 5 taboos.

The Five Thinking Taboos:

Taboo 1 – Only negative media information is interesting.

The readers and viewers want it that way. The media data prove it.
We have freedom of the press.

The Reality
The generation and spread of fear by the media, film and games industry, which spreads fear of the future, with an overemphasis on disturbing content (fictional or non-fictional), reduces creativity and intelligence through negative neural networking in the brains of the recipients. It conveys a one-sided negative view of the world and genetically induces a strong addiction to negative news, depression, aggression, war and thus creates a negative information spiral as a selective perception system. Independently of the genetically, over millions of years grown, limited range of perception of the own sense organs up to approx. 100 meters (from contemporary reports and from hearsay up to approx. 100 km without pictures) of the human being, fear-generating information of the world in our consciousness (far beyond the range of our genetically given sense organs omnipresent) is generated by the media, so that global and thus quasi inescapable threats of this world are generated as real in our brain and the negative selective perception from the media confirms this "extreme world view. Research proves that we become aggressive or depressive or both, which can have an epigenetic effect on our genetic programs and thus on our behavior and that of our children. 

Since we are genetically (pre-)programmed for negative species-preserving information for evolutionary reasons in a kind of addiction, we are in a genetic fear trap that developed to protect species conservation millions of years ago, but now, through rulers and media, can be directed against our evolution and health. These old gene programs with a direct information circle of the sensory organs of 50 - 250 meters and hearsay transmitted information with an indirect information circle up to about 100 km are used for the exercise of power, exploitation and increased circulation through the global distribution of fear-generating information. All the fear-causing information in the world is transported by the media into our brain, which is genetically unprepared for the global mass and variety of negative information. We have to wait for more information after our genetic conservation program (our genetic program creates an addictive behavior for more negative information). Once we have entered this state of addiction through our genetic programs to find the cause and the connections about the information that is causing us to fear, we are blocked in our creative abilities. Hopelessness, depression, loss of senses and mental as well as physical illnesses become permanent. In this state, only few people can develop ways out, imagination and confidence in the future, as our history shows. We are constantly looking for more information about the causes of these fear-inducing negative information in the media in order to regain our own power to act and make creative decisions again.

In the largest covert psychological study of all time with almost 700,000 test persons, Facebook 2014 gave positive news to one part of the 700,000 users and negative news to the other part. Result: the negative news led to depressive and/or aggressive emotions in many users, while the other users reported positive emotions.

This reduction of IQ has a tradition going back thousands of years
with the public executions (in which the dignitaries and the population should or could take part), the crucifixions, burning, stoning, etc. up to today's public "executions" of criminals in print media, on TV and in social networks. The "task" of IQ reduction has now been taken over consciously or unconsciously by the media.

By preventing a media discussion about a labelling obligation (e.g. for tobacco...) for negative, IQ-reducing media information, the IQ status of the population is further dimmed neuronally. Freedom of the press is maintained if there is a duty to label information that is harmful to health and IQ.

Tabu 2 – Es gibt keine Regel oder einfache Formel für Kunst.

The Reality
The false statement about the nature of art that is spread as a result of this is blocking our way to become more creative on the basis of works of art (through our mirror neurons in the brain) and thus - as brain research and epigenetics show - prevents us from constantly optimising our neuronal networking through the perception of innovations and increasing our intelligence (see also Nobel Prizes and research results of the last 20 years in genetics and medicine).

To make art or the creative power of the population inaccessible to the world population by a simple formula means
1. To fuel fears by lowering IQ and populism.
2. To seal off the professions that teach art and creativity and research such as the development of a company or a whole country.
3. To promote popular or group socialism and dictatorships in a state.
4. to promote depression and physical illness, or not to reduce it in the population.

The possibility of cancelling out the injured and interrupted neural networks created by negative information through neural "bypass repair" by means of creativity, as research has shown, with the art and knowledge formula to improve IQ again (which can easily be verified in empirical studies), the failure to communicate the art formula (and that although in 100,000 court rulings globally on innovations and the copies of the author's works the art formula is confirmed with every judgment and thus worldwide there is no doubt legally about the correctness of the formula and the formula DAZU NOCH is unassailably proven art-historically) to the detriment of the IQ development of the population this connection is concealed. This violates basic laws, the constitutions or penal laws of many states as well as the Charter of Human Rights of the UN.

The guarantees of personal freedom of development, the physical and mental integrity of fundamental human rights, which are broken by the media and states through NON-INFORMATION, cannot be demanded by the populations, because they do not know these effects at all (Taboo 1) and are not powerlessly exposed to the reduction of their IQ, their personality, their health and freedom independently of the system through knowledge and art by means of a simple access of "understanding all art and innovation" with an art formula through Taboo 2.

The recovery of a people is possible at short notice, because the innovations and works of art from thousands of years have been collected in the museums and are already exhibited. For the first time in their history, the museums can fulfil their mission and, by publishing the formula to their already exhibited works, break taboos 1 and 2 and lead a peaceful revolution through the evolution of knowledge and meet the newly emerging social, global task in society.

With the breaking of taboos 1. and 2.
the taboos 3, 4, and 5 in the human brain, with the new selective perception according to the cognitive information of the innovations, cancel each other out neuronally at the same time, since this perception is genetically programmed for our evolution (CURIOSITY) and is released by the art formula with neuronal intelligence bypasses. A fear-starred, aggressive, depressive and IQ-diminished population is now a thing of the past. With the publication of the art formula (see also the book: "Ethical Capitalism") direct democracy has found a way to a new, better world or our positive development.

This art formula, as the core of the exhibition concept of art open, is not only fascinating for art connoisseurs, but also contains statements of high explosiveness for natural history experts".
"The targeted intervention and the rapid acceleration of biocultural evolution that would be possible as a result would probably eclipse all current possibilities of cloning by far. In fact, the art formula of art open "Life + expansion of consciousness = art"
vielleicht even describes a theoretical concept of the bio-cultural evolution of humans as a whole.

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Schrenk
Deputy Director of the Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt

How do these two most important trendsetting taboo breaks find their way into the public eye:
1. Through the art exhibition: i = E = MC2 -The 2nd Enlightenment-
2. Through a globally perceptible architectural sign of peace - the "Globalpeace Campus".
3. By the scientifically proven, empirical proof that God or creation is connected with
Formula i = E = MC2 exists.
4. Through the possible integration of the faith communities into a global constitution of religion.
5. By an oath of all human beings, in the media and before creation, that believers and non-believers have an unlimited right to a healthy, permanent and free life with all possibilities to develop their personality and are protected by the swearing as creationists.

The following three taboos cancel each other out in the brains of the population when the taboos 1 + 2 are broken.

Taboo 3 - Infinity cannot be understood.

The Reality
This statement excludes the infinite resources and energies in research. The lack of infinity research produces, organizes and solidifies the awareness of finite resources, unreal fears of the future, exclusion and wars as the world population increases.

Taboo 4 - God or creation is not to be understood.

The Reality
In this way, the "Creator human being" is only "sorted in" as a worker, member of a religious community or ideology, consumer and subject or voter, and substantially restricted and reduced in his active role in favour of the whole of humanity, although research and evolution in all societies (despite their temporary regressions) prove and make visible truths contrary to us about human beings as creators of their world.

Taboo 5 - A paradise on earth is not realizable by the evil sides of man.

The Reality
This is not true, as the post-Enlightenment epochs and especially those of the last 50 years prove. This is intended to conceal and distract from the fact that we have long been in the process of realizing paradise on earth for all people through the power of creation, the creativity of man and the evolution of mankind.

⦁ We live almost twice as long as 150 years ago.
⦁ More and more machines are taking over the heavy and monotonous work.
⦁ We are doing better and better (also in the developing countries) compared to earlier times.
⦁ If we distribute food properly, the food we produce will be sufficient for all people for the first time.
⦁ For the first time, we have 10 million tons of living brain mass at our disposal at the same time, which we can network in a new and more creative way through a 'Second Enlightenment' for the benefit of our evolution and whose mental and material achievements (innovations) we can use more together.
⦁ Spirit and creativity will become our new, infinite source of energy and resources, which will continue to grow with every newborn human being in the age of the 'Second Enlightenment'. (see also the book "Enlightenment NOW" by Steven Pinker, Professor at Harvard University)

With the 5 taboos, the intelligence and creativity of the population has been running into epigenetic intelligence stops for thousands of years. These stops - paired with fake news in the media - lead to IQ reduction and exploitation as well as easy control of the populations.

With the demands of a globalized and modern society, these 5 prohibitions of thinking for the development of a new ethical world in health and with prosperity for all people are our worst hostages, leading to wars and continually throwing back our evolution, which makes dictatorships and wars possible in the first place.

A danger foreseen is half avoided

A 2nd enlightenment for the abolition of the 5 taboos or prohibitions of thinking we can implement directly, without revolution and peacefully via the internet.

If you start the 'Second Enlightenment' with the art formula, you immediately get the following visible results:

⦁ The art formula as the core of the 'Second Enlightenment' resolves the mysticism and mysteries of the old cultures. We know where we come from and where humanity will go in the future. Fear of the future dissolves.

⦁ After applying the formula and making negative information visible in the media, an ethical capitalism can develop in society within the 'Second Enlightenment'.

⦁ With the 'Second Enlightenment' the development of creativity and intelligence for all people begins, which will lead to more democracy and new, sustainable inventions.
The economy will develop in a mirror image and sustainable way with the population and in the sense of a holistic understanding.

⦁ The formula, used as an instrument of the 'Second Enlightenment', shows solutions for people who want to come to us and opens up how these solutions do not burden our social systems but rather relieve them.

⦁ With the formula and the 'Second Enlightenment', a virtually accessible, free epigenetic program will be developed and made available to all people via an internet portal for recovery, health and cell rejuvenation.

⦁ On the basis of this formula, the 'Second Enlightenment' made it possible to realize a concept of peaceful coexistence of all religions under the name 'Globalpeace Campus'.

Only six months after the introduction of the formula and the beginning of the 'Second Enlightenment' we will be able to see the first results in the population.

People are then more active, more motivated
and healthier
and live longer;
and they live happier:
less anxiety,
less mental stops and feelings of hopelessness,
less depression, which reduces the number of suicides,
less crime and aggression,
greater prosperity
(we will be able to see this in statistics after one or two years);

they have then:
more creativity,
more intelligence,
more compassion,
a higher social awareness,
more and better solutions for problems in everyday life and in society
they're gonna declare more inventions,
they will participate more and more actively in the politics and democracy of their countries

A new understanding of democracy will develop in ethical capitalism, with a global thematic and factual Internet democracy and ethical balance sheets of companies, people and states. Stirring up fears will be punished like bullying. The spirit of the basic laws and constitutions will be taken into account by introducing the art formula into school lessons and by making fears and disease-producing information visible in specially compiled media areas. Such content will be accompanied by warnings - as in the case of tobacco products, medicines, food, etc. - such as tobacco products, medicines, food, etc., thus contributing to equal opportunities for all people.

The religions will finally sign a religious constitution of global peace between the religions and with the recognition of human rights.

People who want to vote will be given a voting license. The parties will no longer provide ministers, but will only prepare the topics that are considered relevant in the respective election by means of information films (with fact check). The licence to choose these topics will be granted when the personalised information films on the respective topics of the election have been demonstrably viewed and understood on the Internet.
Anyone who has a licence to vote on the respective topic will be able to vote. Each voting licence is personalised and provided with different biological access features. The ministers will be non-partisan experts and will be selected and proposed by independent recruitment agencies. A panel of ministers will appoint the ministers.

People will be able to shape their lives and the state ever better through awareness and the use of their no longer blocked intelligence.

Demagogues and dictators will no longer find a breeding ground in a democracy that does not stir up fears about the future but develops solutions for the future and in which no fears can be spread via the media, especially those that activate instincts and switch off creativity.

Our future
The "metadata" will be released and made accessible to all for the creation of ethical project and company balance sheets and for the development of optimized and sustainable products and concepts. The metadata of the National Security Agency (NSA) belong to all people!

People will be able to live almost forever.
All resources will be available in abundance through the creativity of mankind globally - especially with a rapidly increasing world population - as has been proven in the past.

What remains to be done?
Touch the future without fear and start with the 'Second Enlightenment'.

Dieter W. Liedtke

Books on the subject


Global peace

Cain's reversal

- Ethical capitalism - Globalpeace
pages: 342 / pictures: 107

"The positive energy of the inventor artist and Leonardo da Vinci of contemporary art, Dieter Liedtke, can be experienced by every visitor to the exhibition. His works, theories and concepts are revolutionary, contagious and show art and science new ways to a humane society".

Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann
Art historian and director of the Documenta (1972)
Biennale de Lyon (1997), Biennale di Venezia (1999 and 2001)
Advisor to the Código Universo art exhibition art open

To decipher the cultural secrets of the past with the formula of the future and open the way to an ethical capitalism which, through social peace, establishes all peace in the world.

The formula shows how a direct democracy can be organized via the new media with an ethical capitalism for the benefit of all people and proves with its 10 Commandments and further guidelines for ethical capitalism that the positive power of capitalism can be organized in the sense of the individual as well as of the whole humanity with improved democratic guidelines in the sense of the existing constitutions of the countries. Ethics and capitalism do not contradict each other if both values are harmonized and a new value system of community ethics from the power of the individual, his group, company or his country or ethnic group is appreciated in the societies. Ethical capitalism marks the dawn of a new era in human history without wars, terrorism and exploitation. With the Globalpeace Campus project I want to set a not only an architectural sign for a new era. The Globalpeace Campus should be financed and operated according to the new rules of ethical capitalism and generate ethical returns for the shareholders of the Globalpeace Campus. As a starting signal, 250 million individual shares of the real estate company Globalpeace Campus INC will be given away to people who want to promote global peace.

The formula and exhibition provides new answers to our epigenetic health and social design by linking today's genetic research back to our culture. There are numerous theories on cultural monuments such as Stonehenge and the pyramids, which are interpreted as observatories, farmer's calendars, star, sun and moon calendars or places for life, death and afterlife rituals. None of these theories are fundamentally wrong; they all complement the basic uses of a health center and train station for Eternal Life for which they were built. The theory of the health centre is so clear that it transforms the most diverse monuments from the Stone Age to the present day into a theory, and they can be conclusively summarised in the (re-)interpretation of health centres and railway stations for eternal life, so that they (which have also been used or misused for the evolution of ideologies and belief systems over the course of time through their innovations and due to the most diverse political goal orientations of the ruling systems) mutually confirm each other. In this way, the lost knowledge of health, the striving for eternal life in this world or the hereafter, is combined for the first time with current empirical research results on art decoding, media content, epigenetics, cell rejuvenation and quantum research to form a theory, and this theory uncovers lost knowledge of long lost cultures (and ties it to the research results of today). The symbiosis of the lost ritual knowledge with the current results of genetic and epigenetic research, as well as its possibilities for shaping health and eternal life in peace, point the way to learning to better understand the old dreams of mankind and to realize these ideas, which are bound back to our rediscovered cultural basis, for the first time in the near future with new research results.


Letter fields - The proofs of God - i = E = MC2

Letter fields

- The proof of God -
Pages: 236

The creative force invents itself and its evolution.

"Dieter Liedtke's formula is an evolutionary achievement. Once invented and introduced, it enables itself".

Prof. Niklas Luhmann
Social scientist and social theoristBarater
of the código universo art open art exhibition 

The book "The Proofs of God" shows, beyond the scientific formula, theories and empirical evidence for God, how to approach religious peace with a new philosophical view of creation. Continuing Spinoza's philosophy and its symbiosis with Albert Einstein's theory of relativity as well as Werner Heisenberg's theory of quantum mechanics, the latest research findings in physics and astrophysics, biology, the analysis of social systems, societies and religious communities, the book reveals that God or creation is to be understood as a system-immanent, evolutionary, eternal and unlimited, self- and information-preserving, conscious and thus spiritual information system. This encompasses everything (including matter, the Nothing as well as biological and social systems) and can be empirically proven in the natural sciences and humanities on the basis of the properties of an information system.

But in this way we owe our existence not to chance or the laws of nature (which themselves have emerged from the species-preserving information system), but to the scientifically proven evolutionary and species-preserving system of creation.

God or the power of creation is scientifically confirmed by the formula.

With the formula i = E = MC2, science and the power of creation form a symbiotic empirical insight in the natural sciences and humanities.

Not immature believers, but creationists shape our future world.

If the religions want to maintain or expand their socially shaping influence (without generating IQ limitations, fears, exclusion, poverty, exploitation and wars), they will have to change from a community of faith to a traditionally founded creationist religion of human rights, according to empirical research results of the natural sciences. In these religions, scientifically proven, the power of creation works equally for all human beings. Every religion and also the atheist is bound to God, as a member of God's family. In order to realize a global peace between people in the long term, the religions must ratify the scientific empirical evidence and the human rights of the UN Charter by recognizing the "Constitution of the Religions" with its 22 articles.