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An eternally living spark of thought

Can a positive future be opened for mankind by a flight of thought?

How a "spark of creativity consciousness" contributes to the ethical development of new social systems, draws a new all-encompassing, holistic picture of the universe and, as an aside, defines a rejuvenation formula.

Travel Preparation

The highest possible goals were already aimed at by me as a teenager with countless, pressing questions. How was it possible to create a state of affairs that enabled all people to live in dignity, health and prosperity? What innovations and concepts are needed to achieve this? 

Blue-eyed and unshakably convinced, I began my personal mind-flight hunt, which initially experienced a key experience when I worked on my first work of art. As a 19-year-old with a broken off education, the son of a miner, I was ready to start the journey like one "who set out to learn to fear".

The confidence to find new answers.
It was clear to me that in order to live up to my high standards, I could not stay with my feet on the ground. For I wanted to know how the universe is constructed, what the origin and meaning of life is, why there is so much misery and whether there is a God, what creation and what art is. As a 75-year-old I can describe in retrospect in a coherent way what has been opened up to me until today after each destination I have reached through confidence and the creativity I have recognized within me.

Looking backwards, you can briefly describe it like this:
I had to embark on an intuitive spiritual journey, leave old points of view, travel through the universe to the beginnings of our history and the arts. Through my own works of art, created in intuitive work processes, "finite and eternal" was to cross with colours and my thoughts. From new color spectra, perspectives, structures, materials, premises, realities and their opposites, new insights and symbioses about infinity, the universe, the nothingness, consciousness and the ego should emerge. And I wanted to go deeper and deeper with every step of knowledge that I achieved, in consequence and from current insight, the theory of eternity, based on my works of art created by intuition and the models of knowledge obtained through them, similar to Leonardo da Vinci; I wanted to create knowledge results that decades or centuries later might be confirmed by research in the natural sciences and humanities in the various disciplines, but which today could already form a tool for shaping the future for me or for another pioneer of innovation.

The tools for the journey
My intuition interfaces were particularly versatile and well trained. I was able to invent, as I had already experienced as a teenager, during my apprenticeship as an electrician, in which I could compare my own inventions with the current state of the art and inventions at any time. So all I had to do was to combine the fields of 'art', 'inventiveness', 'imagination' with my goals and, through my intuition and curiosity, arrive at innovative statements that did not come from outside, from the sciences, with the old and outdated scientific rules, concepts and assumptions established by people of the past, but which I made within myself, if you like: in my soul, via the abbreviations of intuitions, which then, however, had to find their universally valid confirmation with a new perspective in the research results of the empirical sciences.

The trip into the past
I had to take into account the fact that I had to adjust my intuitions to the 'beginning' in time, long before the Stone Age, in order to find the points in the educational, health and information paths within human history where we thought wrongly about time, space, gravitation, information, energy, matter, leadership and coincidence, religions, art and God or did not interpret them correctly, faded them out or did not perceive them and as a consequence did not turn right in the knowledge tree. However, the distance covered in the consciousness climbing tree was of great importance for our cultural development, in order to explain the world from the perspective of that time, to feed and guide people.
It has brought us, despite wars and obstacles and despite the resistance against the Enlightenment by the powerful, up to our present place of knowledge; but it also conveys where, as the new research shows, with wrong and ignored classifications, terms, images and networks of effects, we are not getting anywhere, where scientific riddles are piling up at the intersections of the old and outdated images of knowledge, which we have saved up to the present day, along the cognitive tops of today's sciences.

Not only in research, but also in the breadth of societies, the cognitive images need to be tidied up and reassigned if we are to have access to sustainable raw materials, energy and medicine without limitations through the creativity of all people, through innovations, and if we do not want to destroy ourselves in distribution struggles among a world population of over 20 billion people. The 12 secrets of our culture, of a lasting, healthy life, which were deciphered on this journey, I have summarized in the small book "Find the universe code" with short cognitive sentences in German, English and Spanish and published with the development and installation of a cultural puzzle Escaperaum in the Liedtke Museum 2018.


Other tasks of the trip
The first part of my adventure journey (my education as I call it), which can also be called the life of an artist, inventor, philosopher and promoter, lasted over 50 years, from 1953 to 2014. My wives and my three children have had my back, which has certainly not always been easy for them. Because some, Kos - how could it be otherwise - always accompanied the flight into the unknown. But the journey has, over time, answered numerous puzzling questions that science could not solve, and these answers have given my life a deeper meaning and have always put everything in order, but also put countless question marks on the table first, as I have always been in search of new knowledge through the statements of my artwork and the resulting innovations overlooked by researchers.
In the seventies, I developed an art formula that was valid for all the arts from an art-historical point of view and which was confirmed by Joseph Beuys; in 1984, he formulated as a further assignment for me, the "inventor artist": "Everyone should be able to recognize what art or decoration is without studying art. "It seemed 'impossible' to us both to bring all past and future arts and works of art under one hat and to make "the arts" explainable with a simple equation that everyone understands "by mere seeing". In order to explain my art formula theory, I had written an entire book entitled "The Consciousness of Matter" and published a first version in 1982, which was also the basis of our discussions. But since everything impossible challenges my contradiction and I believe in the power of innovation through intuition and creativity, I set out on the commissioned thought journey.
For three years my head was smoking in the evening or at night. I had enough daily variety with my 'nutritional work', the production and worldwide distribution of Franz Beckenbauer's "Self-Hair Clipper Hairmatic 2000", which was presented decades later by the Du Mont Verlag in Cologne on the German television channel RTL as one of the cult products of the 70s and with which I was able to share my experiences, as some fashion hairdressers pejoratively thought, had founded punk fashion or - according to the art historian Karl Ruhrberg - had translated the statements of Joseph Beuys "Everyone is an artist" and Andy Warhol's "Everyone is a star for 15 minutes" as an art process into professional and everyday life. For me, however, these were all distracting background noises, because I wanted to do research and not market my works of art. When I created my works, I should have aimed them specifically at the international art market and no longer been able to conduct research to optimize an ethical world uninfluenced by my work. The works, which are self-evident through their innovations, will reach the top of art history and the art market when the time has come, they will be understood and, beyond the few internationally known art historians who have professionally dealt with my works, will be perceived as revolutionary innovations by further scientists, collectors and museums and will be recognized and researched in their importance for our evolution. Result: I didn't want to be distracted by the marketing of my works for the art market, because, as already explained, I earned my living with other undertakings, such as the haircutter or as a promoter and builder of condominiums, without interrupting or bending my work, art and research.
For I had initially rewritten the door to art, which was mysterious and closed to the majority of the population, only for art historians with a new generally accepted theory of art, and had caught a glimpse of our future through a small keyhole. In this way I was able to grasp: If with an easily understandable 'key of art' this important future door of creativity is opened to people forever, we will go straight ahead, perhaps with a few short aberrations, towards an ethical society in prosperity and freedom.
So at night I continued to work on the art formula with my works on the commission of my muse Joseph Beuys, whose "impossible" motivated me highly (but who unfortunately died in 1986), and finally in 1988 I was able to present through my paintings and sculptures the scientifically founded art formula theory of innovations from my first book of 1982 into a graphic equation according to Hegelian dialectic, with only "two colours plus black and four symbols, known to all elementary school students in the world" converted, melted down and with a generally valid statement and equation for all arts.


Free books

Life      Expansion of consciousness      Art

or elses

Known information           New information          Evolution or art

By means of the equation, the "core of art" becomes forever visible through multi- and metasynthesis of all works of art and the arts, and in such a way that it fulfils the Beuysian demand to me that every human being, who is able to recognise the creativity stored in the works of art without any previous training from their own observation and who, through this act of creativity and through this newly acquired knowledge about the neurons in his brain, can absorb it into himself, can make it his own and thus increase his own creativity.
With the simple formula I had unintentionally found the "Emperor of Pop Art", who explains the arts to the people, thereby disempowers himself and transfers all creative power from the artist to the people.

Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann
Harald Szeemann Dieter Liedtke in Essen

"The formula is the revolution in art history. Liedtke wants to use the picture, the pictures, to make spurts of creativity directly visible and comprehensible. His art open art formula,
Life + expansion of consciousness = art
is, so to speak, the condensate of his research, which he has explained in various publications: "The Consciousness of Matter (1982), the Fourth Dimension (1987), the Key to Art (1990)."
"Dieter Liedtke is ideology-free positive energy, creative through and through, and himself a work of art. In him Leonardo da Vinci has found a successor. Every visitor to the exhibition can learn about him through the works. His works, theories and concepts are revolutionary, contagious and show art and science new ways to a humane society.

Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann

Art historian and director of Documenta (1972),
Director Bienale de Lyon (1997) Director Bienale di Venezia (1999 and 2001)
Consultant of the art open art exhibition

The philosopher and Hegel of the 20th century (Die Zeit/ Deutsche Wochenzeitung)

Prof. Niklas Luhmann on the journey of knowledge:
"Dieter Liedtke's insights and works of art require the construction of an observer, namely God, for whom time as the totality of all points in time is present. “


Niklas Luhmann und Dieter Liedtke

In the middle of 1994 I opened my own museum in Puerto de Andratx, Mallorca (Spain), which I had planned and built as a building-brain sculpture, in order to make my works as well as the art formula accessible to the public. I financed the museum by planning and selling condominiums in the cultural building.

museo piedra

Foto Baugrundstück des Museum 1989

Liedtke Museum - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Liedtke Museum in Form eines Gehirns und eingepasst in die Natur von Mallorca 1993

After the borders between the EAST-WEST blocks had already been opened in 1989 with the help of Michael Gorbachev, I wanted to realize a large art exhibition in Germany from 1994 onwards, before the year 2000, which would pave the way for more creativity in the population and open the way to a new future.

liedtke govachof
Dieter Liedtke und Michael Gorbatschow

By winning the Nobel Prize winner and border-opener Michael Gorbachev as patron of the art exhibition "art open worldart from the Stone Age to today", which I organized in 1999 on 23,000 square meters of exhibition space, with music events and talk shows in Essen, I was able to set another positive signal for art open as an IQ border overcomer. It was curated by me as a creativity take-over exhibition by seeing and understanding with the art formula, with original works of art history (loans from museums) as well as the help and support of internationally known art historians.


art open exhibition/ world art from the stone age to today on 23000qm exhibition space


Contemporary art / art open exhibition with the art historical formula of innovations

The flight into the future

After flying backwards to the beginnings of our history, I have landed in the present by solving old cultural puzzles from the picture caves, Göbekli Tepe, Stonehenge, Nebra, etc. through art history to the art exhibition "art open - world art from the Stone Age to today" and its connections with the placebos, recovery and epigenetic processes known today. From the year 2000 onwards, by re-orienting my aim towards the future, the highest possible creative level of a timeless observer, I dared to fly into the future, in order to develop from there the parameters as well as the formula for a new world in peace, health and prosperity for all people.

The simple formula i = E = MC2, materialized in the future, which only supplements Einstein's formula with a small "i" for information and which is supplemented by the "conservation law of information" found on the platform of eternity with quantum mechanics, means as a physical, biological and evolutionary formula of the universe a reformatting and continuation of the humanistic formula of art or creation for the origin of energy and matter. Through a synthesis of idealism, materialism and dualism, it removes their contradictions and limitations.
The scientific formula i = E = MC2 makes it possible for societies to visit peoples in their present and to unite with the faith communities in any traditional autonomy through a constitution of religions as creationists, thus picking up all faiths in peace, taking them along and guiding them into the best conceivable future of mankind, into a real paradise on Mother Earth.



I am very grateful that my parents did not exorcise my curiosity and that I was allowed to educate myself as a 14-year-old; and also for the fact that my ideas and society enabled me to take an unconventional and independent path through the development of innovations, which gave my family a livelihood and with which I can pursue my art, research and studies to this day, as well as pursue my goals, with the help of friends and family members, unhindered in times of crisis as my own, self-appointed patron of my art and realize new plans. The results of the journey, which gradually became more and more frequent, brought to light tasks for realization, which I had not been able to recognize with my knowledge at the beginning of the journey as a young man, which had been veiled or had been lying in the dark, which I cannot close myself off from now, precisely because of them, after about 50 years, without covering all mirrors.
Starting in 2003, in order to complete my book series*, in which I summarized the insight tips from my artworks from 1963 to 2014, I compared and reviewed the artworks with the research results and scientific research studies of Nobel Prize winners with my paintings and sculptures. I found that 15 series of works 20 to 50 years later were confirmed by scientific research honored with the Nobel Prize. I could not believe that governments, knowing the internationally recognized Nobel research results, would not commission, support or even initiate innovative concepts and actions for peace promotion, health and prosperity of the population, because I had developed these concepts in my artworks decades before and described them in books, had come to the conclusion that anyone who is engaged in innovation and art, understands them, even through his mirror neurons in the brain - in relation to his previous life - can become a "Leonardo da Vinci".
It occurred to me that, given this clear situation, I should possibly be the promoter of the realization of these future concepts myself, since I was convinced that this was (and still is) the right way, also because of the visionary correspondence of my artworks with the research results of Nobel Prize winners. In addition, nobody knows more about the way to a new world than the knowledge traveller who has visited these distant future countries several times (even if only in spirit) and described them in books. It was not easy for me to reach a decision (the question "Why me?" was also part of it) that could turn my life upside down again.
The core statements of research results of the world's best researchers I have repeatedly and repeatedly (hundredfold) checked over years with the innovations for the promotion of health, democracy and prosperity in the populations in my works, also together with well-known scientists, and did not receive deviating results but confirmations, especially since all new internationally known empirical research results from 2005 onwards continued to support my proposed solutions chronologically from the works of art and contrary comprehensible empirical scientific results do not exist.

Re-Start into the present
The translation of the travel souvenirs of the future into the present
Since there was no one on the corridor who was stupid enough to want to carry out these tasks, which are indispensable for our future, with unbridled enthusiasm, motivation and perseverance without state aid or a government contract as an innovation bellwether, I finally had to take on the resulting job myself in 2015 and create a global peace planning concept.

The revolutionary travelling art exhibition of the second Renaissance

The art open and Theory of Everything i = E = MC2

 Weie Gene frei


⦁ Picture series Epigenetics from 1986-88 Artist Dieter Walter Liedtke
⦁ Innovation: Genetic change through knowledge and vision
⦁ Titles: White genes: free,
⦁ Tarpaulin, video tapes, acrylic paint, 1988

The evolution of innovations in the art of the peoples
The travelling art exhibition; i = E = MC2 has a special global and cultural-historical lighthouse function with regard to the innovations of the peoples due to its art formula. With the help of well-known and leading art historians, natural scientists and humanities scholars as well as Nobel Prize winners, it is to be shown with video presentations in museums in 10 countries, starting in 2024.

"The exhibition i = E = MC2 sets revolutionary standards with its multi-synthesis of technology, science, philosophy and art and opens up to the public the promotion of knowledge through works of art, as recognized by Leonardo da Vinci and further developed by me. It explains how it is possible to obtain new scientific research results through the creation of works of art, and it demonstrates for the first time in art history how these creative processes can be transferred to the population through "seeing and understanding". This requires a more detailed explanation, which I can best describe from a neutral, timeless observer's position as an art historian and scientist:

A hitherto unrecognized or concretized level of meaning in art is setting new standards through neurobiological research, to promote the creativity as well as the prosperity of a country through the art formula. With neuronally and epigenetically transferred creativity from the exhibited works, it paves the way for positively effective perspectives for an ethical and positive future of a country, as can be confirmed by research in the sciences in numerous ways. Since the majority of the population believes that 'art is only decorative and possibly an investment, art cannot be judged, art cannot be understood, since art is subjective and is in the eye of the beholder; a formula for understanding art does not exist', a serious study of art is a luxury for 90% of the population. Together with the educated citizens and artists, they make up a further 9.999%, almost 100% of the population, which has obviously failed to notice that a simple art formula exists, which has been confirmed 100,000 times by court rulings on art in the case law for all the arts and countries. Based on the neurobiological and epigenetic research results on recognized creativity information, a country is losing the most important resource it has, the creativity of its population. Creativity, as biology studies on nature show us, is species-preserving and favours evolution. So far, we have not been able to properly raise the treasure of our creativity, our health and our prosperity as a resource for sustainable species conservation, because the population is not aware of it,

a. ) that an art formula exists,
b.) recognized creativity neuronally and epigenetically brings about an increase in health, intelligence and prosperity.

Numerous new empirical studies confirm the well-known historical insight: that the development of prosperity and health of populations and countries depends on education and a positive development of creativity in societies (according to the results of scientific studies and creativity reports financed by the World Bank).

In order to facilitate the promotion of creativity across the breadth of societies, the non-profit Fundacion Liedtke has developed a museum art formula app that simply explains the innovations of all art-historically significant works of art with the art formula, thus enabling a neurobiological transfer of creativity from the work of art (by understanding the innovation in the work) to the user. The creativity in the works of art can be experienced in the App in over 100 languages in the simplest way only by "seeing the work with the art formula", true to Leonardo's statement that "seeing and understanding are the same", and it is transferred to the user through the mirror neurons in the brain of the observer based on the new knowledge. The art formula mobile phone app will be available free of charge from 2021.

By publishing the art formula in the exhibition i = E MC2 and with the app, every country is able to catch up with the economic innovation competence level of today's world market leaders with ideas, concepts and patents or even outstrip these innovation role models with economically successful innovations. Through their own ideas and innovations, the population of the exhibiting country will enter the ethical, sustainable and economic competition between peoples for the preservation of nature, humanity and the creation of peace between religions, which has already begun.

The symbol of a global peace
Then in 2017, when there was still no major company or government support in sight, I focused my life on the task ahead, reconsidered how to turn the plans into reality and began to translate the travel findings into facts and bought a suitable building plot in Spain. The new destination has given me tremendous strength and recurring health.
The realization of the plans gives me a special and mischievous pleasure, as I am able to present numerous innovative, unconventional and globally effective concepts with a building of faith and a constitution for all religions, for a university where innovation systems and techniques are taught, a museum of innovation of the peoples ("World Art from the Stone Age to Today"), an art formula mobile app with the world's most art-historically important works of art as well as a cell rejuvenation research institute and a free health and cell rejuvenation mobile app for all people against the globally growing health problems could invent and develop - combined with a concept for the site of a Globalpeace Campus with hotels, lofts, apartments and an innovation market as a yield real estate project - all of this combined, financed and realized as a peace concept of religions and peoples.
When I saw the task as a whole before me, I thought; it is impossible to lift it, I have no air and spit. But then, on closer inspection, it turned out that the concepts, which could possibly not be realized individually, were given their strength and penetrating power to implement and win over comrades-in-arms, supporters and peace activists, due to the latest research results and networked innovations and the solutions achieved through them.
I had learned on my 50 years of knowledge-hunting journey that the Project Pioneer theorem applies to all projects that you are initially called "IMPOSSIBLE", for which you are burning and which you want to implement in society for a better future for all people:

The overall concept of ethical capitalism I developed for the Globalpeace Campus, as a globally effective signal translated into architecture, is intended to open the way and the view for the best conceivable "future of all people", for a new ethical world starting from the old Al Andalus (the area of peacetime between the religions / 8th to 12th century) of Moixent/Mogente, Valencia in Spain, on a building plot that I have already bought for the Globalpeace Campus, which is to be opened in 2025-27. I will be happy to report in more detail on the progress of the Globalpeace Campus on given occasions and when comrades-in-arms join us.

DSC02427 1okokokoko

Globalpeace Campus Property Plateau with distant view Moixent/Mogente Valencia/ 2020

Sociedad anónima de Codigo Universo Invest Holding SA (esp)

There are only five Peace Centers worldwide with one each in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Middle East/Africa. The peace centre in Europe is already in the planning phase. Globalpeace Campus Moixent/Mogente Valencia Spain / Completion 2025-27

Enough introduction. Let's get down to business:

To creation and back
A reverse journey into the future

Spark and thought

If the reference points of an observer are shifted from finite points of view (e.g. the earth) in the finite universe to an "Infinite Universe" and if it is taken into account that the universe in the "Eternal Nothing" is permanently expanding and that on all scientific levels the existence of motion or creativity and new information is proven, a new picture of creation emerges for the observer in the eternal universe, from which something of the fog of the unchanging transience of the finites is taken away by the following explanations.

On the theory of the eternal under the following premises.
In the "Infinite Nothing", a process, which I call the "Above-Nothing", creates itself at an infinite number of points in the universe through conscious and system maintaining creative power, which rips open the "Infinite Nothing". Thus, time, space, gravity in the Infinite Universe are created for the observer due to new information, new consciousness reference points of the universe are created by opening the space of the universe as a birth channel through new information, space expands and space, time and gravity participate in evolutionary, species-preserving and self-aware information networks, families and clusters (or if you like: according to the belief of the religions, everything is born, equipped, protected and directed by God-power) in finite forms of being and, designed with infinite possibilities, enter the materialized and infinite space- nothing- creation-mixture of the universe. l.)
They are condensed by new information, information networks and the physical laws of nature to energy and further slowed down to matter (see also the book "Information -The Principle of Creation-" by Dieter W. Liedtke 2014) as well as to biological life systems at infinitely numerous places in the universe where biological life is possible, aligned according to previously existing and species-preserving evolutionary information networks or manifested as a past of time as energy, matter or biological life.
The Infinite Universe expands into the "Infinite Nothing" through new information or creative power. Both Infinities interpenetrate each other, are intertwined with each other and are based on consciousness, viewpoints, observers, changes or creativity without limitations or separations of the universe from the Nothing. The consciousness of the universe is a species-preserving, evolutionary self-observation of all viewpoints of the information and its networks, which produces new information, bundles it in a targeted manner and thus becomes visible as information, process, energy, matter, biological life forms as well as evolution.
According to this, any bundled reference point of the observer's focused information or the information obtained by changing space, time, gravity, atom, energy, electrons, quarks, planets, galaxies, matter and energy structures of the universe, the universe itself as well as all biological life systems as a self-reflecting one, creative, evolutionary and species-preserving "consciousness" with an "I" (understood as an information system that is aware of its limitations and of itself) and creativity and intelligence, called a species-preserving self-observer.
Even without possessing a brain, self-observing units possess a "consciousness", with an "I". Creativity and intelligence such as animal, plant, blob fungus, unicellular organism, atomic and quantum physics, as well as astrophysics research with its conservation laws and laws of nature, and also the study of brains, cells, DNA, genes and epigenetics, viewed from this new perspective, can empirically demonstrate through research results. (see also the book by Dieter W. Liedtke "The Consciousness of Matter" from 1982). From this perspective, new fields of research will emerge that will take us out of the research question areas without answers.
Consciousness, creativity and intelligence are system-immanent properties of the universe, which include the Nothing. A beginning and end of the universe are excluded by the self-generating eternal information power for innovations or information, as the "conservation law of energy" or the further "information conservation law" even more clearly prove. But how is this eternal life system of the universe, the "Infinite Nothing", transferred to the smaller units of the biological life systems or their cells? Some plants and animals have, as research shows, been shown a way to an apparently everlasting life by the above-nothing, the species-preserving information network of their genes. 2.)
The biological information unit man (such as plants, animals and unicellular organisms), consisting of atoms, matter, space-, time- and conscious information processes in an Eternal Universe of information and based on spiritual, material, biological, species-preserving and evolutionary information systems, can, if this information unit is related to the species-preserving information processes of the super-nothing (creativity) and the resulting They are to bring evolution-promoting and species-preserving information, for themselves and the overall systems, concerning the eternally (in the universe existing) renewing life-information processes in material and spiritual form into their gene programs, into their neuronal and spiritual consciousness network in a targeted and natural way.
About the life unit human being, through its mirror neurons, through inner and outer new eternal basic information, new neuronal networks and mental free spaces for gene and gene program evolution, partly also epigenetically favored, are created, which enable the path of a lasting and healthy life of this life unit. What will be obvious and easily verifiable from a medical-scientific point of view by telomerase and processes of recovery and rejuvenation.
Man also becomes global when he automates these processes, for example with a mobile app, information that has not yet been materialized and not yet available in his information network of genetic programs, with controlled and targeted "nothingness processes" (consciously transcending life limits, evolution and species-preserving, by means of species-preserving evolution of consciousness on all levels into his body cell programs in a natural way through information, thereby improving his health and spiritually, and renewing or rejuvenating his biological existence again and again, as well as reaching, through creativity and the innovations resulting from it, the state of "an ethically, holistically conscious state, which I understand as the timeless WE, controlled, spiritual, material and biological life unit" with the eternal universe. 3.) 4.)
Bottom line:
"An eternal life is original, sustainable2) and in natural and deeply founded harmony with the eternity of the universe. Man has arrived home. “
Dieter Walter Liedtke
1)The red/yellow graphic formula for creations or their continuing physical equivalent: i = E = MC2 (i = information) not only shows that information is the physical origin of the evolution of the universe, but also proves that information connects the materialized world with the creative world of the ideas of consciousness, as quantum physics documents. Hereby the formula proves the unity of spirit and matter, whereby in the context of the consciousness of the signs MC2 also M stands for the neuronal network and the spirit of the biological life units (or of the human being), which will lead to evolutionary and eternal biological life units through epigenetic and genetic reprogramming of the gene programs, starting from the new consciousness of the human beings, by the purposeful lifting of the old thinking or life boundaries C2 through information in the neuronal brain networks.
2.) Medical research is in the process of giving people the long-awaited immortality. But due to the limited financial possibilities for large parts of the population, a new terror-graben will be created between the modern immortals (about 20% of the population that can afford it) and the yesterday's and mortals (about 80% of the population that cannot afford a medicine for rejuvenating the body cells). In order to prevent this, a gene program must be developed that makes health and cell rejuvenation possible globally and free of charge for all people. The Fundacion Liedtke is supporting a research project on cell rejuvenation with a social network app called "aimeim.info", so that we can realize a positive ethical world where all people can enjoy several centuries of time and the prosperity, health and freedom to further develop and build their thinking, consciousness and creativity in order to develop an ethical, sustainable and symbiotic world with nature. The human rights of the UN Charter and the constitutions of democracies guarantee us the free development of our personality without feudal rule, slave labour, torture and fear. These are the hard-won supreme goods of freedom, which have been hard-earned over the last centuries and which are being strengthened by a growing and more conscious world population without fear and by the UN. Our history, over thousands of years old, proves this;

more people = more human rights, more freedom, more prosperity, more health and more life time, more knowledge

Every person brings along about 1200 - 1500 grams of genetically creative brain mass, which is partly blocked by fear. Historically, we owe perhaps 2000 brains without mind-minimizing fears (2.4 - 3 tons of brain mass in approx. 150 million tons of brain in 110 billion people who have lived in human history so far - approx. 0.000002% -who have also been persecuted, eliminated or executed) our development to freedom, health, food and our life span today - in historical comparison - three or four times longer. Today we have about 10 million tons of living human brain mass on planet earth, of which about 100,000 tons of brains (700,000 to 800,000 people or about 0.01%) have already been discovered in various stages over the last 70 years through creativity. It is to them that we owe our particularly rapid and, in part, sustainable satisfaction of demand in societies. This unlocking of creativity and its use will develop exponentially. In 10 to 20 years, we will have 5-10% of creativity-enabled people (500 to 1000 times more than today) who want to continue to implement this process and produce only sustainable resources so that humans and animals, in and with nature, can live together according to ethical principles. For this purpose, the fears about a new media law (based on the UN Human Rights Charter and the neurological and epigenetic research results of the new millennium), which are staged in society by the media, must be minimized with a media code. Whistleblowers such as Julian Assange or Edward Snowden and their protection by society have an important system-correcting and creativity-accelerating significance for this revolutionary but necessary development for survival with ethical and sustainable creative resources of human beings without fears in the face of those in power, the human rights violations of those in power or those of their imperial structures. Every human being must have the right (it is his human right) to live permanently and healthily without staged fears and also without capital investment, in order to separate his knowledge, consciousness and personality from garbage, fear and life minimizing content through selective perception of innovations, to distinguish between life-sustaining and life-threatening information. He must have the right to choose and, if he so wishes, to develop himself further, to learn new professions at any age with a fresh mind and body, to study, to devote himself to the arts, people, nature or the self and his own creative power, and to do nothing, temporarily or permanently, in the developing sustainable affluent society, with self-learning programs and robots, especially since the 'nothing' is the relative inseparable from creation.

The history of mankind proves: growing creativity enables health, longer life time, prosperity for all people and a natural and clean environment, sustainably produced food, energy and resources as well as a creativity of all people which is constantly developing through new information.

"The swarm creativity or intelligence of humanity makes them the creator."

Today, humanity protects itself and nature from the banal powers already by passing on the new findings of science to the population, so that the species- and nature-conserving future possibilities are given space for understanding and democratic action, and innovations and information resulting from the swarm intelligence of humans and serving to build and expand their future are disseminated worldwide via the Internet.

A second enlightenment begins: As our history of the last 50 years shows (despite the wars staged by the banal power structures), in this interpretation of the growth of creativity, the world society is being strengthened more and more by a growing world population of 20 or 100 billion people and by a lasting and healthy life in prosperity for every person with a growing swarm creativity. Now the point has been reached that this process can no longer be reversed without a worldwide destruction of creativity and for the first time humanity will grow into a sustainable, ethically designed peace age without limitations of the global swarm intelligence of an unlimited world population.
When the politicians and the media

"More people = more creativity
More ethical and sustainable solutions"

allows and promotes, so that an ethically changed and new capitalism can develop, we get the best of all possible worlds.

3.) Unity of the world.
The General Information Theory - If everything is information and consists of self-sustaining, open initial information networks and information clusters, then the laws of nature, space, time, dark energy and matter, matter and antimatter are the universe, genes and cells, life, evolution, the creativity, the intelligence, the consciousness of I and We, the feeling, the cognition, the forms of life, the human being, the vision, the intuition as well as the society, as well as its freedom and ethics, the health, the lifetime and the prosperity of the people can be shaped by information and its media.

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