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Works with Art Historical Artinvest Value Certificate

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Guarantee of the conservation of value of the work.
For a work that has been awarded the Artinvest Art Work Certificate, the certificate guarantees that it is an art historical work with an innovation level of A, AA or AAA.

Works of art with exchange guarantee
Exchange guarantee for another work by Dieter Walter Liedtke, for a work owned by Fundación Liedtke in the same certificate group A, AA or AAA at a comparable price.

Works of art with restoration guarantee
Restoration service in the event of damage to the purchased work with the Artinvest certificate A, AA or AAA at cost price restoration price by the Fundación Liedtke or in the event of total loss with damage proof for exchange into another work of the same value in the same certificate group A, AA or AAA by Dieter Walter Liedtke at the current undamaged current value of the work of art to be exchanged or lost.

Works of art with value appreciation and repurchase guarantee

A Certificate artworks/ The annual guarantee fee for A Artinvet certificate artworks is 1.48% on the purchase price per year. Guaranteed fixed agreed buy-back guarantee100% of the purchase price (A value maintenance guarantee buy-back contract must be concluded).

AA certificate artworks/ The annual value enhancement guarantee fee for AA Artinvet certificate artworks is 1.93% of the purchase price per year. Guaranteed fixed agreed value enhancement buy-back guarantee100% / doubling of the purchase price (a value enhancement guarantee buy-back contract must be concluded).

AAA certificate works of art/ The annual value enhancement guarantee fee for AAA Artinvet certificate works of art is 2.47% per year on the purchase price. Guaranteed fixed agreed value increase repurchase guarantee of 200%/triplication of the purchase price (a value increase guarantee repurchase agreement must be concluded).

Guarantees linked to works of art
The guarantees are linked to the work of art and not to the owner. The artwork guarantor is the Spanish public limited company Codigo Universo Invest Holding S.A., which also maintains the Liedtke Museum in Puerto de Andratx.

Financial loss insurance
We search for you on request:
- Offers a classic artwork insurance against damage (fire, water, burglary / theft...).
- If works of art are lent (exhibitions, museums...), additional insurance can be taken out for transport and for an exhibition limited in time.  For purchases of works of art with Artinvest certificate, we offer an "all in one" insurance policy on request.

- Introduction Title Book art formula



Art puzzle solved

art formula / Pages: 430

"The formula of Leonardo da Vinci today is the revolution in art history. Liedtke wants to make creativity visible and understandable through the image, through the images themselves. His art open art formula, (Código Universo) life + expansion of consciousness = art is, so to speak, the condensate of his research, which he has explained in various publications: The consciousness of matter (1982), the fourth dimension (1987), the key to art (1990)..."

Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann 1999
Director of the Documenta (1972), Bienale de Lyon (1997)
Biennale di Venezia (1999 and 2001)