Avantgarde Gallery
Liedtke-Muesum. Puerto de Andratx, Sa Mola

According to the Artinvest report, the work of art is not a plagiarism or an object of decoration; it was designed, designed and personally signed by the artist Dieter Walter Liedtke. The certificate describes, with an A, AA or AAA Artinvest certificate, that the work contains an art historical innovation of art history,

The artwork can be exchanged for an equivalent artwork with Artinvest certificate A, AA or AAA of Dieter Liedtke by the buyer. The value remains for the buyer through the exchange work of art.

3. in case of damage or proven total loss, the work of art will be restored for the buyer at the cost price of Fundacion Liedtke or replaced with another work with the same Artinvest certificate A, AA or AAA by Dieter Liedtke. Even in the event of a total loss of the originally purchased work of art, the value in the value category of Artinvest Certificate A, AA or AAA is retained by the buyer.

The repurchase price for a work of art can be 100% to 300% of the purchase price of the work, depending on the art certificate group A, AA or AAA, as a fixed yield and guaranteed repurchase price 30 years after the purchase of the work of art with the conclusion of a work of art value repurchase guarantee with the purchase of the work of art.

If the theory and formula of Everything: i = E = MC2 and the works of art of Dieter Walter Liedtke are empirically confirmed, published and publicly perceived by individual natural sciences or humanities, the art historical and collector's value of all works of art of Dieter Walter Liedtke will increase 10 times over the purchase price or the guaranteed repurchase price over time.  

6 Tax-exempt on sale. If the work is privately owned, the capital gain of the sale price (in Germany) is tax-exempt if the sale is made one year after the acquisition. In Germany as well as in other countries and in the EU, the tax requirements can be obtained from your tax advisor or from the tax office of the respective country in which you tax your income.

7. inheritance tax is exempt. If the work is loaned to the Evolutions Museum in the Globalpeace Campus (or another public museum) and publicly exhibited, inheritance tax in Germany may fall to as little as 0 percent. In Germany as well as in other countries and in the EU, you can inquire about inheritance tax requirements at your tax advisor or at the tax office of the country in which you have to pay inheritance tax.